4 Skincare MUSTS for All Ages

When it comes to taking care of your skin, age really is just a number. While there may be certain techniques and regimens that target aging skin, there are still skincare musts for all ages. 

You see, when it comes to developing a skincare plan that works for your individual needs, there are certain basics that every person should adhere to, regardless of your age or skin tone. And do you know what the best part is? You can start taking better care of your skin at any age. Are you react to learn more?

1. Stop Seeing Your Skin as the Enemy

While we’d all enjoy saying — truthfully — that we really love the skin we’re in, it’s not too helpful to tell a big old white lie! In fact, coming to terms with our own bodies, our skin and our personal goals is something that many of us have had to work really hard toward achieving. So, let’s not ruin the work that you’ve already put it now!

But, the simple matter is that many of us look in the mirror and often hate what we see. Whether it be an unexpected breakout or a pimple right in the middle of your forehead, it’s there. And, sadly, it makes you feel bad about yourself for the entire day. Do you have a big meeting? Are you speaking in front of the PTA board? Do you have a romantic dinner planned? Well, now it feels as if your skin is going to be to blame if things go awry.

However, if you’ve grown to understand your skin, and really listen when it’s trying to give you a hint, then you know it’s not “out to get you.” Like every other organ of your body (and yes, your skin is an organ!), it just likes to stay balanced. If you can begin by changing your mindset when it comes to your skin, you’ll find that the next steps will often come quite naturally.


2. Avoid Stress Like the Plague

Sometimes, we all find ourselves in situations where stress seems unavoidable. Perhaps you have a big deadline coming up at work, or your in-laws are coming over — for the second time this month. Whatever the situation, you allow it to take control… and BAM! You have a nice little breakout on your hands. (Well, it’s really on your face, but you get the idea.)

When I tell you that stress can wreak absolute havoc on your skin, it isn’t an understatement or an exaggeration. Stress can make you physically ill, so isn’t it safe to say that it could be responsible for a patch of pimples?

So, how do you avoid stress, but still live a busy, hectic, successful life? Just as you changed the way you look at your skin, you can also choose to change your attitude toward stress. 

As the late, great Walt Disney once said, “Why worry? If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it any better.” While we can’t always adapt a fantasy-world attitude in all situations, on this one, it’s a perfect fit!


3. Drop the Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices

Everyone has that one vice that may be difficult to stop turning back to, especially if you’re stressed. (Do you see how this all works together?) But, when you’re racking up the poor choices like the bonus points on your Macy’s card, then it may be time to take a good, hard look at your decision-making process.

Point blank, lifestyle choices can lead to unhealthy skin. This can include:

  • Not protecting your skin from the damaging rays of the sun
  • Smoking — whether it be cigarettes or other options
  • Not getting the proper amount of sleep
  • Lack of hydration
  • Skipping out on your skincare regimen
  • Stress (Yep, we mentioned it one more time!)

Additionally, pay attention to when you experience breakouts. You can even keep a journal! You may actually be able to pinpoint the exact culprit.


4. Never Miss the Big Three

Somewhere along the line, a dangerous rumor was spread that you just need to start taking care of your skin when it shows signs of aging. After all, that would be quite convenient, wouldn’t it?

However, by now, you’ve probably learned that some skin damage and effects of aging may be improved, but it can’t just be erased. That is, unless you’re willing to consider plastic surgery. And, that doesn’t sound like too much fun, does it? Also, it might really dig into that vacation fund!

When you look at how to build your skincare regimen, don’t look at it as “having” to use specific products A, B and C. That’s not how this works. What’s singularly more important is, as you may have guessed, developing the routine and sticking to it. 

In other words, never miss skincare’s Big Three, which includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Toning
  • Moisturizing

It’s imperative to wash your face every night with a gentle cleanser — with no exceptions! Makeup that remains on your face overnight will most likely clog your pores, and can also lead to more wrinkles and fine lines. 

Now, you may not have guessed it, but using a toner may even be more important than washing your face. Why? Toner can help lower the skin’s pH level, as well as balance and calm it.

Finally, your choice of moisturizer steps in to create a replenished environment for your skin. Many opt to use a different moisturizer for around the eyes, which both hydrates and tones. For your entire face, make a selection that promotes elasticity, clarity and an even texture. This is definitely a skincare must!


In a Nutshell

You may have noticed a pretty obvious theme in what you’ve been reading. While we can take every positive action under the sun, if we don’t change our attitudes, then we’ll usually end up right back at the drawing board, where we hate our skin.

Before you begin buying new eye creams and doing that morning meditation, first learn how to understand your skin, your stress levels and even why you opt for the choices you make. Once you can create that balance, it will make every decision that follows that much easier. 

Isn’t that a beautiful plan?


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